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Gludio Castle Siege

Jan 08, 2021

Dear warriors,

Gludio Castle, located in the Town of Gludio, is the first castle available for clans to claim. Taking up residence in a castle allows clan members to reap the rewards of ownership including valuable rewards, access to clan skills, and more.


The Gludio Castle siege schedule is based on server time and occurs every other Saturday

  Registration Period Castle Siege
Server Time Before 18:00 the day of the Castle Siege Saturday 20:00 to 22:00

Registering for the Castle Siege 

To register for the Gludio Castle Siege, your clan must be level 4+. Clans below those levels will not be able to participate. The Clan Leader and authorized clan members can only register for the siege via Tyron, who is located outside of the town of Gludio


Siege Rules

PvP rules during sieges

  • At the beginning of any siege, the registered characters are divided into the Defenders and the Attackers.
  • You don't have to hold the Ctrl key when attacking the enemies and the neutral characters in the battle zone. When a registered character kills another character, their PK scores are not affected.
  • Your character's status may change to Attacker of you leave the battle zone.

Castle Gates

  • All castle gates are automatically shut at the beginning of the siege.
  • As soon as the siege begins, the castle gates can be attacked. The castle gates can be attacked during the siege only.
  • The castle gate can't be strengthened during the siege. However the Castle Lord may strengthen them prior to the siege by speaking to the Chamberlain NPC inside the castle.
  • Castle gates that have been destroyed may not be repaired during a siege.
  • The gates are closed when the castle is taken (intermediate victory). However, the castle gates' HP does not fully restore until the siege ends. Once the siege has ended, the gates return to full health.

Siege Headquarters

  • The  Build Headquarters is obtained by the clan leader when the clan reaches level 3. The Siege Headquarters allows clan members to respawn at the battle zone. HP and MP are regenerated faster near the Headquarters.
  • The skill can only be used by the clan leader of an attacking clan within a designated area of the battlefield.
  • The headquarters has a certain amount of HP and can be attacked and destroyed by the enemies. If the headquarters is destroyed, the leader can rebuild it as many times as necessary.
  • The Siege Headquarters allows clan members to respawn at this site, and to regenerate HP and MP of the clan members around faster than they would normally.
  • The headquarters disappears when the siege is over.

Life Control Tower

  • Life Control Towers are located in different parts of a castle.
  • Life Control Towers are responsible for the time required to get out of the castle dungeon after resurrection.
  • If Life Control Towers are intact, the time is 30 seconds, if they are destroyed, it's 8 minutes.

Flame Control Tower

A Flame Control Tower is a structure that activates various facilities that defend the castle. A certain amount of Adena is required to activate these functions. Such functions include the following:

  • a damage zone that continuously reduces HP of any enemy who gets there;
  • a slow zone that decreases movement speed of any enemy who gets there.

The strength of each of these functions is divided into four stages. If the attacking side destroys a Flame Control Tower, the functions cease to be activated.

Start of the Siege

For the first siege of the castle, Castle NPCs spawn around the area of the castle. Sieging clans should head to the town of Gludio or use their siege headquarters set up by their clan leaders. The defending clan (none at the beginning) will be moved to the castle.

The area around and inside the castle will become the designated battlefield. The battlefield lines are invisible, and system message will indicate whether you enter or leave the area. Non-sieging players can enter the battlefield, and by doing so can attack other players or be attacked.

Victory Conditions

The castle siege lasts for the full two hours. An interim victory is declared when a clan leader on the sieging side successfully uses the Imprint skill on the holy artifact of the castle after defeating Baron Lewin Waldner. This will cause the clan to become the defenders of the castle, and they then fight to prevent other clans and clan leaders from Imprinting the holy artifact. The castle can change hands between clans during the siege, so a new clan on the sieging side that successfully Imprints on the holy artifact would steal the castle from the defending clan and then the new clan becomes the defenders of the castle. A clan is declared the Castle Siege victor when they are the defenders of the castle at the end of the full two hours. The clan then owns the castle for two weeks until the start of the next Castle Siege, at which point Gludio Castle will automatically transfer back to NPC ownership.


Clan leaders must use the Imprint skill on the holy artifact during the siege period to become defenders of the castle and ultimately own the castle if the clan is successful in preventing sieging clan leaders from imprinting the holy artifact.

When imprinting the holy artifact, the clan leader can choose an alignment—Light or Dark. The alignment has its advantages and disadvantages along with a different physical look when conquered. Imprinting the holy artifact takes time to cast and can be disrupted so it’s crucial to defend your clan leader while the casting is in progress, or interrupt opposing clan leaders from claiming it.


There are many rewards to be claimed from Castle Siege. Even greater spoils go to the Castle Siege victor. During the two weeks of castle ownership, the winning clan can collect taxes paid to NPC purchases in the town of Gludio, purchase items only available to the castle’s Chamberlain, and access to other castle NPCs.