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Newbie Guide

Dec 04, 2020

1/ How to Install game?

How To Download | L2Baium.com. Be the best. Beat the rest.

Note: Run L2BaiumH5.exe to open L2Baium launcher. If not, you can't access game.

2/ How to Level up?

Hunting monsters

  • Newbie Map:
    • Level 1 - 50:  Gludin Village > Ruins of Agony 
    • Level 30 - 40: Gludio Village > Ruins of Despair 
    • Level 40 - 50: Gludio Village > Wasteland 
  • Level  50 - 55:
    • Dion> Cruma     
    • Dion> Guillotine Fortress 
  • Lv55- Lv60:
    • Giran> Gorgon Flower Garden
    • Giran> Breka's Stronghold 
    • Raider Map Lv 55-56: Dion> Floran Village 
  • ​​Lv58- Lv68:
    • ​Aden> Forsaken Plain
    • Giran> Death Pass
    • Giran> Hardin's Private Academy​​

Finish Quest:

  • Newbie Quest: From Gludin village, NPCs give you newbie quests. You can getting Items, Soulshot,  Blessed spiritshot, VIP Buff Scroll, Exp/SP...
  • Daily Quest: Alt+B> Guide > Daily Quest
    • Getting Items, Exp/SP, Adena
    • Allow character to get individual rewards for actions huntings monsters. If your character has met the requirements of a quest, you can get the reward.
    • There are several types of daily missions. Some of them can be completed just once (for example, when your character increases its level); some of them are daily. Unavailable quests are marked with a lock icon, meaning your character doesn’t meet the quest requirements.In the Daily Quests window you an check your progress, counter reset time and rewards.
  • Dungeon Quest: Alt+B> Guide > Dungeon
    • Getting VIP Items, Exp/Sp
    • There are a variety of dungeons in the various location. Each dungeon will be unlocked and requires certain level requirements to access higher difficulties.
    • All dungeons have limited free entries/activity limits each day/week/month.

3> Some Important Guide