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How To Download

Dec 08, 2020

1/ Download Guide  

  • Step 3: Create a new folder named L2Baium in your drive (C, E or D...)
  • Step 4: Copy L2Baium.zip file downloaded above and paste it in the new folder named L2Baium
  • Step 5: Unzip L2Baium.zip file to get L2BaiumH5.exe file.

  • Step 6: Run  L2BaiumH5.exe file to open L2Baium launcher. Wait... Automatic download will work.

  • Step 7:  The installation process must be done. Click Start to access game.


  • You have to run  L2BaiumH5.exe file to access game. Other file not acceptable.
  • Clean up space on your drive (~23Gb) before you run  L2BaiumH5.exe file to install
  • If you have difficulty in game download, just contact us via Facebook L2Baium‚Äč


2/ Some Important Guide