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Item Augmentation

Nov 14, 2020

Dear warriors,

▪ Augmentation is upgrading weapon, accessories, brooches, head accessories, circlets with special Spirit Stones.

▪ The effects received during augmentation are random. They depend on the spirit stone used.

▪ Augmented items cannot be sold or transferred, they cannot be lost if your character dies, they cannot be dropped, however you can store them in your warehouse. If augmentation is cancelled, the item can be transferred again.

How to Augument Item?


The ingredients need to be prepared:

- Weapons want to augment

- Spirit Life Stone: Can be obtained when fighting monsters, Boss

- Gemstone:

Gemstone (D-grade)

Gemstone (C-grade)

Gemstone (B-grade)

Gemstone (A-grade)


Meet the blacksmith to Augment item.

- Put the necessary items on the board Augment.

- After finishing augment, You will have additional Augment properties on your item.


How to remove Augment from weapons?

- Go to the Blacksmith.

- Insert the item you want to remove Augment.


Random Augment properties on your item

Attribute Description
P.Atk from 2.2 to 31.52
P.Def from 5.2 to 77
M.Atk from 2 to 67.53
M.Def from 4 to 48.13
Accuracy from 0.52 to 4.113
Critical Chance from 4.9 to 32.7
Evasion from 0.4 to 4.09
Max.HP from 12.7 to 185.89
Max.MP from 6.1 to 115.1
Max.CP from 19.2 to 334.59
HP Recovery from 0.1 to 0.81
MP Recovery from 0.1 to 0.4
CP Recovery from 0.1 to 0.81

- Additionally, it will randomly appear skills. There are 3 groups of skills: Active skill (active skill), Passive (passive skill), Chance (skill that can appear when hitting).

Special augment:

- 100% will give purple skills

- Use Life Stone Instilled With Giants Power.

- Obtain by redeeming 50 Elcyum at the NPC Merchant of Mammon.

- Skills will appear randomly: